La Femme

On Mondays We Wear Masks

If 2020 has taught me anything, it is to never say never.

I have a distinct memory almost a year to date sitting in my local small bar discussing the black plague with my boyfriend at the time. I am haunted by the words that left my mouth that evening, being that “thankfully humanity will never see another plague like that again.” Little did I know that the coronavirus was about to rear its head and change the course of lives and economies across the globe.

Never say never.

In learning that valuable lesson I have also witnessed first hand how fashion and style is influenced by so many external factors and how adaptable we as human beings are. A year ago I never would have believed face masks would become our new normal let alone consider that this change would be the catalyst for a new demand: stylish face masks. I remember at the start of the virus I couldn’t imagine there ever being a time where I would be accustomed to wearing a mask. Months later and with the help of The Fashion Advocate, I cannot imagine taking it off.

Australian made, multi layered, sustainable and crafted from cotton, The Fashion Advocate has a pattern to suit any style and taste. As a neutral obsessed individual I gravitated instantly towards black due to its versatility. It accompanies me everywhere I go and to be honest being able to dress up something that is a direct result of this global health crisis makes me feel I have some level of control during these unprecedented times. For me my mask is more than just my way to do my part. With masks as stylish as these it is a way to still express my creativity, individuality whilst leaving medical mask supplies for those on the front line. Most importantly seeing humans beings beautify something that reminds us of this chaos gives me hope that we always find the light in the dark.