Garda National Immigration Bureau Card

Any foreign national entering Ireland long term whether it is to study, work or relocate is required by law to register with the Garda National Immigration Bureau as soon as possible. Please note that foreign national refers to anyone who does not belong to a member state of the Europe Union or Switzerland. Those outside […]

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Finding work in Dublin

Prior to making the move to ascertain a working holiday authorisation you need to truly investigate the economic climate of the country in question. There is nothing worse than saving furiously, uprooting you life to move half way across the world in the hope of adventure only to discover you cannot secure a job placement […]

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Working Holiday Visa – Ireland

My decision to move to Ireland has been six years in the making. My attraction to the Emerald Isle has long been present, fueled by my lineage and years spent pursuing Irish dancing in Sydney. I first expressed interest in moving to Dublin in 2009. However, the impact of the GFC quickly made me recognize […]

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Dublin’s Coastal Walks | Ireland

Dalkey to Killiney My whole life I have been obsessed with the the ethereal world. Anyone who knows me is well aware of how embarrassingly deep this obsession lies, because for me the realms of Narnia, Middle Earth etc are very real. Perhaps it is why I have always felt drawn to Ireland, it is […]

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Copenhagen | Denmark

Denmark at dusk

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Mary who came from the land of Oz. She found her Prince Charming (literally) and lived happily ever after in a kingdom far far away. As a fresh faced 19 year old I, like many other Australians, watched one of our own walk down the aisle […]

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Welcome and hello

Meaghan is the creator behind the travel blog Seymour & Ford. As an Australian, I grew up isolated from the rest of the world, a blessing as it inspired my curiosity behind the sea. Every Australian has a story about where they are from way back when or not so long ago. Our lineage is […]

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