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Perfecting Transeasonal Styling

TRENERY | Winter Knit In Navy | Seymour & Ford

As Autumn descends upon us my favourite time of year both in terms of season and style begins and as the days become increasingly cooler transeasonal dressing too begins.

Achieved by way of layering and the blending of fabrics, transeasonal dressing is easy when you have invested in neutral knits which can be adapted to any outfit. Personally, I adore Trenery’s collection of knits as the brand as a whole believes in simplicity and the creation of modern yet timeless pieces that I have consistently found to go the distance in terms of longevity and versatility. However, dressing for the cooler months can be at times monotonous whereby pants and knitwear become part of our daily uniform. So to renew your wardrobe follows these rules to perfect and spice up transeasonal dressing

. Invest in neutral toned knitwear

. Avoid traditional autumnal colours like red, purples as rich colours will be difficult to match in later seasons. Instead, opt for khaki or navy thereby staying consistent with a neutral style philosophy whilst exploring colours within this spectrum

. Experiment with accessories as bold jewellery can breathe life into any outfit

. Pair with statement jeans to update an existing look

. Layer, layer, layer

. Juxtapose traditional summer materials with traditional winter materials

. Don’t be afraid to blend masculine and feminine items with the addition of heels teamed with a layered shirt for men to create dimension

Shoes Country Road, Makeup Kibi Raw Minerals, Jeans 3×1, Shirt Massimo Dutti, Earrings Reliquia

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