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Princess Beatrice’s Exquisite Wedding Dress

The bride wore vintage and we love a sustainable Princess

I have always loved a royal wedding. With a passionate appreciation for history and fashion, admittedly I am one of those people that wait with bated breath to see the choice of royal wedding gown. For me it is a humbling moment as a viewer knowing the dress will take its place in history and inform future generations of trends pertaining to the era in which the wedding bells rung.

Having grown up in the same age bracket of Princess Beatrice I was particularly curious about the choices she would make as a bride and to be honest the dress left me speechless. It wasn’t what I expected yet exceeded my expectations in every way possible. It was a different choice for a royal bride, unique yet so familiar. Wearing a dress owned by her grandmother, The Queen I am sure it will inspire a generation of brides to look to vintage pieces. Bringing new meaning to wearing something borrowed the dress was first worn by Her Majesty in the 60s and was remodelled by Angela Kelly and Stewart Parvin for Beatrice’s nuptials.

As an advocate for slow and sustainable fashion to see a royal princess embrace vintage fashion earned my respect. This was amplified even more by her choice to delay releasing images until the Queen conferred the Honour of Knighthood on Captain Tom Moore that same day. Not wanting to outshine the investiture service of the WW2 veteran who raised over £32 million for the NHS, Princess Beatrice released the images the following day. That’s a class act.

Beatrice’s choice of dress was an homage to her grandmother and as her granddaughter this encapsulated the respect we all feel towards Her Majesty. It was a touching tribute and a poignant moment in history given the Queen’s service to her realm and reflected her legacy. In a show of mutual adoration, Princess Beatrice was given the honour of wearing the same tiara the Queen wore on her own wedding day in 1947. The Queen Mary diamond fringe tiara combined with the dress had soul. Though it was a service without pomp and ceremony as a result of Covid 19, it spoke of a loving bond between grandmother and granddaughter reminding us that family truly is everything.

Photography credit Benjamin Wheeler