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Sans Plastic

I have found myself dreaming of the Southern Highlands, a picturesque part of Australia that calls to my Celtic roots.

Within these conscious escapes from the daily grind, I envision a small white cottage enveloped by a neat yet purpose built garden, my family of rescue animals and a pig named Atticus. This desire to relocate has lead me to seriously contemplate buying land in the country to fulfil this dream. As I work towards saving for my deposit for the land on which I will build this life, I contemplate how a born and raised city girl became a country girl at heart.

Quite frankly, I don’t know what is going on with me. Something has changed. Perhaps it was the great cultural reset brought about by the horrors of the Covid 19 pandemic. It certainly made me realise what I value and taught me to slow down. Most importantly it made me appreciate the environment and the changes I want to make in my own life to reduce my impact especially as a fashion consumer and professional. To live simply and consciously is my goal. Though the country calls I don’t have to wait to relocate in order to change the manner in which I consume.

I for one find it increasingly difficult to participate in the fashion and beauty industries when the environmental damage caused by said industries is overwhelming. However, I am uplifted when I see so many brands adopting environmental practices or implementing new and innovative measures to reduce their overall impact. Conscious consumerism is on the rise and we can fight everyday to implement changes and support brands who are future focused.

If, like me, you’re looking to make 2021 the year in which you change your plastic consumption from a fashion and beauty perspective here are 5 effortless habits to live by:

Say goodbye to sheet masks

As much as we all love a good pamper session these masks are not only disposed of after a single use but are commonly a waste of both paper and plastic. Instead, opt to treat yourself with a traditional mask stored in a bottle or jar.

Carry your own reusable bags

It is increasingly commonplace to see shoppers utilising eco friendly reusable bags when purchasing their groceries. So why not apply this to all our shopping endeavours so as to further reduce packaging consumption.

Toss the toothbrush

If it’s time to change up your toothbrush, consider ditching traditional plastic for good as these can take up to 500 years to breakdown. Instead switch your dental routine up by utilising a toothbrush that is predominantly biodegradable and crafted from bamboo like the ones crafted from Bamkiki. What I love about this Australian brand is that with every sale, Bamkiki donates 5% of profits to The Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Wash With Purpose

When it comes to taming those beautiful tresses it easy to gravitate towards plastic bottles of shampoo and conditioner. It can be difficult to change up routines that we’re accustomed to but making the switch from bottles to bars will greatly decrease your environmental impact. A brand I have come to love is Ethique who specialise not only in hair care but have sustainable products for the face and body. All their products are 100% plastic free and one tree will be planted if you order online – that’s what I call guilt free shopping.

Conscious Dry Cleaning

Should you constantly have items needing to be professionally laundered I am confident you find yourself with bags of wire coat hangers and plastic garment bags. It can be easy to dispose of these without thought, especially if like me you go all Mommy Dearest at the site of a wire coat hanger. However, try to get in the habit of returning the plastic garments bags and wire hangers to your dry cleaner upon your next visit. Not only are you contributing to a circular system but your dry cleaner will love you for it.