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Shaina Mote’s Moment To Shine

In life we all remember those minutes in time that have a profound impact on our lives

We all know these moments to be both negative and positive in nature, yet never in a million years did I expect a Los Angeles based designer to influence and inspire me from across the Pacific. So much so I remember exactly where I was when I first discovered the Shaina Mote brand and how that spark of curiosity felt. As a fashion business student I have the opportunity to intern at a variety of places across a variety of sectors within the industry. One in particular, The Undone founded by the iconic Sara Crampton of Harper & Harley, provided a life changing education.

Image courtesy of Shaina Mote

At the time, The Undone had recently brought Shaina Mote on board, as I unpacked the beautiful items what initially struck me was the clear craftsmanship. As part of my duties I was often required to run my eyes over each garment ensuring quality standards were maintained and after months of doing so naturally I began to appreciate and understand fabrics, construction and details. As my eyes danced over Shaina Mote’s collection following my hands as I traced each item, I was truly moved.

Who was this designer?! Shaina Mote, I needed to know more

Image courtesy of Shaina Mote

That evening, after work, the cyber stalking began and at the conclusion of the day I was fundamentally changed both as a professional and a consumer. Having spent precious time working with the talented and passionate team at The Undone I had garnered an appreciation for slow fashion and investing in pieces that will stand the test of time. The additional exposure to Shaina Mote reshaped my views surrounding sustainability.

Image courtesy of Shaina Mote

Prior to this, sustainability was not something I understood in terms of how brands could fully execute this within their business practices beyond timeless designs. Low and behold, it is achievable and it was Shaina Mote that made everything click in my mind. With a focus on producing staples that can be “worn, loved and rediscovered” forevermore, the collection is produced ethically in Los Angeles. By manufacturing domestically ensures local communities are supported and traditional trades are nurtured. In addition, it was their focus on sourcing sustainable materials like tencel, rayon and MicroModal (sustainably harvested from beechwood trees), that struck a chord with me.

Image courtesy of @ shainamote

The utilisation of such materials thankfully, is beginning to gain momentum within the industry but for a brand’s entire collection from its genesis to be sustainably sourced … rare. As I discovered more about Shaina Mote I was further moved with their dedication to repurposing deadstock, ie scraps saved from the cutting room floor to curate their hair accessories. My limiting the amount of fabric discarded their production process reduces their overall environmental impact and most importantly draws attention to an aspect of the industry that needs overhauling, ie reusing scraps

There were many things I learnt that day, namely that Shaina Mote is one for the seasons