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Shop Sensibly With StyleFyle

Shop mindfully. Spend wisely

At the heart of fashion is a basic human need. Clothes are essentially a mechanism to our individual survival. Over time, through the burgeoning and influence of culture, fashion has become more than a need rather a means of communication, self expression and a want. Participating in this marketplace can be overwhelming as we try to define our own style amidst a sea of marketing tactics, stunningly curated visual merchandising, pressures to belong and temptation to spend on the latest thing.

It’s a lot. Dare I say quite a lot in a world dominated by social media.

As a woman who has made a many a fashion mistake and in turn many a financial mistake, I am intent on helping other women to not walk, run or skip down the same path. I love fashion, from the artistry and what it informs us about history and cultures past and present, it is undoubtedly important in the human narrative. But a passion for fashion should not result in financial consequences, like debt, in order to be seen in the latest trends. A passion for fashion should not result in the collection of clothes that form an incongruous wardrobe. Most importantly a passion for fashion shouldn’t leave you feeling less than or pressure to shop in order to fit it. In the pursuit of putting our best fashionable foot forward I want to see women shop mindfully and be empowered to spend wisely.

Enter StyleFyle, an app designed to be your portable wise mind so as to avoid making emotion based purchases that will sit in your closet leaving you to ponder “why did I buy that?!” Through StyleFyle you will be able to build an interchangeable wardrobe that will take the fuss out of shopping and will ultimately enable you make wise financial decisions by investing in what you need. Broken down into categories from dresses, to skirts and shoes, nothing is left on the shelf when highlighting the fundamental building blocks every woman needs in her wardrobe.

StyleFyle is at the service of women. So whether you are at the start of building a wardrobe that works, in the process of overhauling your style or simply fed up with buying clothes that gather dust, don’t shop without StyleFyle. Be confident in who you are and take charge of your finances and your fashion.

You’re worth the investment.