Social Calender | Watercolour & Wine

Yes you read that correctly – wine whilst painting with watercolours? Watercolour painting whilst drinking wine? Yes and it is the social event you need to pencil into your diary. Based in an eclectic studio in the heart of Redfern, the concept is refreshing and an alternative albeit cathartic way to spend a Friday night. Now if like me your painting/drawing talents extend no further than stick figures have no fear because a session at Watercolour & Wine is not designed to uncover the next Picasso but rather designed for students to get in touch (with the help of flowing refreshments) with their inner artist.

Aimed at beginners, over the course of two hours participants will be introduced to basic technique and skills when working with watercolours. You will leave inspired, relaxed and perhaps even with a subtle yearning to visit your local art supply store. If you’re a painting novice, understandably, the workshop might appear intimidating but I assure you the environment is quite the contrary. Welcoming, supportive and down right fun. So get painting and change up your Friday wind down routine.

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