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As I write this everything hurts but it is the type of pain that comes from hard work and much needed exercise. Fresh from a session with Sydney personal trainer Blake Worrall Thompson this wasn’t your average workout. Blake has recently joined the Natural Health Company as their fitness ambassador and to celebrate this union it was time to get groovin’ and moovin’.

Having worked with the Natural Health Company before and a daily consumer of their vegan organic protein range I knew this event would be interactive, unique and despite the promise of a gruelling session would leave me smiling. This stems from the fact that the team at the Natural Healthy Company have an incredibly infectious energy, clearly are passionate about their products and though this was my first time meeting Blake I was confident they wouldn’t collaborate with anyone who wasn’t equally enthusiastic about health and fitness.

Yes it was a challenging evening, but Blake is a trainer who is so supportive that just when you think you’re ready to call it a day and commit your life to pizza he inspires you to give that little extra something. Having being unwell for sometime as my body adjusts to life with Hashimoto’s disease, I neglected my physical health by avoiding exercise. Admittedly the very nature of the disease strikes you with extreme fatigue but in retrospect I was becoming dangerously close to using my disease as an excuse not to push myself on days when my body was thriving. As 2018 rolled around I was determined to take responsibility for my health and be more dedicated to the pursuit of exercise and a healthy diet. To keep me on track I am dependent on the addition of the Natural Health Company’s Organic fusion range to my daily smoothie which improves my energy, boots my metabolism and supports my immune system. Anyone with Hashimoto’s knows the importance of a balanced diet not only for vitality purposes but to help manage weight sensitivity.

In addition to weight issues and physical side effects, Hashimoto’s can severely impair mood with depression and anxiety being a known symptom of this thyroid disorder. It is not my place nor business to instruct anyone how to manage this aspect of their disease but I can speak from personal experience and must stress the importance of exercise. For me a workout is not just something to partake in for my physical wellbeing but my mental too. So despite the pain as a result of push ups, squats and sit ups … so many sit ups … the endorphins are worth every aching muscle.

The road to a healthy life can be full of bumps along the way and staying motivated is perhaps the biggest challenge. Surround yourself with positive people, invest in good products and take every opportunity to learn more about wellbeing and fitness from those who live and breath it.

Thanks for having me guys and being the much needed source of inspiration this week.

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