Social Event | Noshu Launch

If anyone knows me well they will testify that I secretly love being in the kitchen baking treats for my friends and family. Baking is both a creative and cathartic process whereby I am able to switch off and put my energy into the eggs I am beating, the dough I am kneading and ultimately the cake I am eating. But truth be told it is an unhealthy hobby for the those who reap the benefits of my baking madness. Don’t get me wrong we all need something sweet now and than but when I am on a baking tangent it is a daily affair which recently has lead me to look for healthy alternatives when it comes to recipes and ingredients whether that be turning to vegan options or reduced sugar.

Let’s just say my endeavours have left a lot to be desired.

Finding an alternative that doesn’t compromise taste has been challenging. Undoubtedly there is a gap in the market for those looking to find sweet treats without sugar or artificial sweeteners. Thankfully as of April 2018 this gap has been filled by Noshu, the brainchild of Australian born entrepreneur Rachel Bajada. Created with the ethos “All Love. No Sugar” Noshu literally translates to no sugar and having had the opportunity to sample their products at their launch I can confidently state a sugar and gluten free product has hit the shelves that tastes delicious.

As someone with an autoimmune disease I have to be careful with what I select to put into my body for the sake of my health and wellbeing. I can confidently state that upon attending their launch Noshu was not just a one off indulgence rather a staple on my shopping list going forward. When I think of their range despite momentarily salivating over the memories of their donuts my mind immediately flashes the words inclusivity and consciousness due to their range being suitable for an array of dietary requirements:


*Vegetarians (vegan options are in development)


*Gluten free products

*Grain free products

*Low carb

*Keto friendly

* Lactose free

*Nut free

So without further ado … Noshu I have nothing else to say but … “get in my belly.”


**To watch a behind the scenes view from the launch click here**

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