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Spotlight on Beauty | My Go To Nail Polish

“In the same way a nude pump elongates the legs, a nude fingernail makes the hands look lengthened, feminine and clean,” Michelle Saunders (celebrity manicurist) for Harpers Bazaar

As a teenager I craved to be the elegant, sophisticated woman I saw in sitcoms and glossy magazines. Naturally, this lead to me often experimenting with my style, questionable makeup choices and pouring over beauty advice. All of which couldn’t be achieved with braces, a wonky fridge and basically everything else that comes with being an awkward teenager. However, there was one particular article that has stuck with me since I was fifteen years old, namely how a nude polish on a perfectly manicured hand is the epitome of sophistication.

It is consistently my go to colour palette when visiting the nail salon with the only difference being experimenting with different undertones from pinks to browns. As a supporter of cruelty free makeup companies I have worn Natio for sometime now and recently discovered their nail polish range produced free of formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate (DBP). My current go to shade is “divine” which leans more towards a slight caramel undertone with a pearlescent quality best suited for fairer skin types in my opinion. For darker skin tones, Peony and Lily are exquisite shades of nude which are founded more on a pink undertone.

In retrospect, I made many a style faux pas growing up and at times I am still that awkward teenager admiring the beautiful women around me and wanting to still grow up to be just like them. I have let go of all the lessons I tried desperately to impose back in the day, but the nude polish has remained a constant beauty staple and always will.