Spotlight on Beauty With MCo Beauty

As a girl who firmly abides by the neutral style life, colour is seldom found in my everyday life. The truth is I adore colour but just not in terms of my wardrobe. As such, my experimentation only extends to the flowers that decorate my house and my makeup choices, the latter of which is perfect for updating any look. In the past this has been achieved through vibrant and various hues made for the eyes and lips. Yet, having recently discovered MCo Beauty’s Blue Lash Volumising Mascara my lashes are now making their own statement with their curl, volume and electric colour.

MCo Beauty is proudly cruelty free and affordable thus paving the way for everyone to create on trend looks for less. Readily available through Woolworths, Australian consumers will be spoilt for choice with their range and having first hand experience using their mascara can proudly state that this is a brand that does not disappoint. I have found it to be long lasting and able to be worn on the lower lashes throughout the day without transferring to the under eye area. Racoon eyes be gone. Having tried numerous mascaras through the years its ability to stay in place is something rarely found on the market. For those hesitant to experiment with colour, the electric blue is subtle enough to be both demure and bold. However, in order to create the perfect look there are a few guidelines I would recommend following when playing with colour:

Follow a black and white style philosophy. This will create a neutral palette which will draw attention to your makeup without being overpowered by it

In addition, keep the remainder of your makeup minimal again creating a canvas on which there are no competing hues or stark contrasts

Remember less is more, therefore if opting to colour the lashes keep the lipstick choice neutral and vice versa

Pull your hair back to frame the face and draw focus

Team with a statement earring in either a gold, silver, brass or platinum to keep the look fashion forward. However, avoid pieces which are fitted with coloured gems as this will compete with your makeup look

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Sarah Braden Photography