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Spotlight on Christopher Esber | Redefining Sensuality

Having consciously made the decision to predominantly start focusing on Australian design talent at the start of 2019 I have had to accept that the transition to a wardrobe full of beautiful garments constructed by my fellow countrymen will take time. The Veruca Salt of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has me singing I Want It Now nearly everyday as I uncover more Australian talent and my will to resist temptation is weakened with one particular designer Christopher Esber.

Christoper Esber, where do I begin? Firstly, given all that he has achieved for his age Esber is nothing short of inspiring and quite frankly he is the designer that Australia needed. There is something so distinctive and unique with his creative visions that I have yet to see a collection or one garment of his that isn’t a hit. To be fair in the world of fashion that is not always the case. In my experience it is common for a few pieces to resonate, but when a whole collection inspires… that’s next level.

Perhaps I gravitate towards Christopher Esber’s design aesthetic, it is tailored, minimal and blends the masculine with the feminine. Yet upon further reflection this a man who understands the modern woman, what she aspires to be and not only foresees how she wants to present herself to the world but how she wants the world to see her. ┬áThe Christopher Esber woman is empowered, feminine and capable and her wardrobe reflects all that she is.

Having started his design career in his early twenties, Esber’s career since launching in 2010 has continued to skyrocket both domestically and abroad. Though relatively established I can’t help but feel excited about where his career will take him and what level he will reach.  As consumers become more conscious about how their clothes are sourced and embrace sustainability this is where Christoper Esber will continue to shine as his garments are a style investment and are constructed for longevity. They are timeless yet on trend.

What I appreciate most about Christopher Esber’s work is its relevance in the modern world as a consumer. As a woman living in an increasingly sexualised world the pressure to follow suit can be overwhelming. Christopher Esber pushes back against this pressure and redefines traditional sensuality with his unique cuts and less is more approach producing garments that are modest yet daring. That’s leadership. That’s courageous. That’s empowering. That’s why this is one designer who continues to be recognised for his vision by his peers and why he will continue to soar.

Where To Find Christopher Esber

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