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Spotlight on Inosha Campion | Sustainable Fashion Leader

Just over a year ago I was fortunate enough to attend the Byron Bay International Fashion Show. In doing so I was able to meet several up and coming designers and view their current collections. From the start there was one designer in particularly who caught my attention with their talent, brand identity and business ethos – Inosha Campion the founder and creator of Sahana Byron Bay

Model wears the Sunday Tunic

Perhaps I gravitate towards inspirational self made women like Inosha. Perhaps her philosophy re building a brand founded in minimalism resonates with me. Perhaps it is her wonderfully infectious energy. In retrospect there were a myriad of reasons why I fell in love with Sahana Byron Bay and all that is stands for. Not only is it distinctly Australian and captures the unique spirit that is Byron Bay, but Inosha’s devotion to sustainability was truly the catalyst for my interest in slow fashion. As time has passed I have come to fully understand the extent to which this brand has impacted my life as a consumer, fashion business student and blogger.

For that I am grateful for the education and influence.

Model wears the Gaia Pinafore Dress

The Sahana woman is empowered by her femininity, she doesn’t shy away from it or apologise for it. She understands beauty lies in simplicity and that she is enough. This is reflected in the brand’s relaxed cuts that frame the silhouette without overpowering it. Cut from sustainable and natural fibres and with a focus on ethical practices and small scale production, Sahana Byron Bay is a leader in the slow fashion movement. So should you be on the hunt for your summer wardrobe, something unique to the Australian fashion landscape or shopping for your holiday look book Sahana Byron Bay is the brand to embrace this season and the brand to watch.

Model wears the Nell Slip