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Spotlight on Liloh Skincare

I have been blessed to understand the importance of skincare from a very young age, courtesy of a mother who protected her daughter’s fair skin at all costs.

As years pass I am increasingly grateful for this early education and exposure to a wide range of brands. My skincare routines (yes routines) vary depending on whether it is morning or night. Your largest organ needs to be treated according to the activity at hand, day prep or winding down. Commitment is crucial regardless of where you are, what you’re doing or how tired you might be in order to see results.

Image courtesy of @lilohskincare

There are daily favourites I cannot live without like vitamin c, niacinamide and of course a red heads best friend, sunscreen. These trusty essentials are keepers but I also like to keep my skin guessing with the introduction of new serums and day creams. Over the past few weeks, thanks to Liloh Skincare, my skin has become increasingly hydrated. This is one of my main concerns, as my Hashimoto’s disease can result in dry skin, a symptom which has improved drastically over the past few weeks since introducing their vitamin smoothie serum and glow day cream. The serum is infused with vitamin c, a and e and the rosemary extract is perfect for reducing puffiness.

Image courtesy of @lilohskincare

Sourced from natural ingredients, cruelty free and vegan the cleanser is a must for morning and evenings. Most importantly it won’t leave your skin feeling robbed of moisture, rather will form the perfect foundation piece for your routine. Free from chemicals, synthetic fragrances, colours and parabens you will notice the difference within weeks as Liloh is designed to be effective.

Image courtesy of @lilohskincare

If there is any beauty lesson I hold true it is that though we can all agree that skincare is the ultimate investment, not all skin care products are created equal. Given that it can be difficult to find active products in a market that is saturated, Liloh is suited for all skin types and designed for busy women on the go.

Made in Australia, a routine with Liloh is a routine your skin will thank you for.

*Featured image utilised courtesy of @lilohskincare*