La Femme

Spotlight On Matteau

If there ever was a swimwear label that embodied the motto less is more, it is Matteau.

Designed between New York and Australia their pared back aesthetic is distinct amongst their collection which features a predominantly neutral palette, clean lines and limited use of patterns.

Curated to be effortlessly paired with their line of apparel featuring everything from dresses, blazers to skirts, Matteau demonstrates that a business founded in swimwear does not have to be commercially or creatively bound. By venturing into apparel they retained their brand identity by ensuring every item was cohesive and could easily be layered over their line of swimwear.

When it comes to shopping for the warmer seasons and in particular for your travel wardrobe, Matteau’s refined yet diverse range is your one stop shop. What I have come to appreciate about their vision is that by fusing apparel with swimwear they are commanding attention for our humble bathers which are often deemed a non essential item when it comes to crafting a capsule wardrobe.

Swimwear is a necessity, good quality swimwear is a must and designs which empower the wearer non negotiable. For me Matteau has demonstrated that swimwear deserves a rightful place in our capsule wardrobes, should be considered with intention and no longer regarded as an afterthought when holiday shopping. Most importantly, though constructed with functionality at its core, swimwear can be mixed and matched to create an array of looks no longer limited to the beach.

With their understated minimalism rest assured it is the Matteau woman who will make a statement.

*Featured image credit Matteau*