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Spring Travel | Day Wear Essentials

As an ex flight attendant and an ex expatriate (say that three times fast) living out of a suitcase has been standard.

In fact, the constant packing and frustration with my non functional wardrobe is what sparked my appreciation and need for the less is more approach. Minimalism is dependent on a capsule wardrobe and I firmly believe a successful travel suitcase should follow the same principles.

Keep it neutral

Keep it versatile

Keep it simple

Not only does this prevent over packing, but allows multiple outfits to be styled by maximising the use of each piece. Through my years of living out of a suitcase there are items which I cannot live without. Naturally these change according to season and as the months edge towards Spring these are the first items always to be placed in my case.

Let’s start with the most important item – footwear. The most valuable travel advice I was ever given came from my twin. At the time I was living in Ireland and preparing to meet my family in Switzerland. Unsure of how many shoes to pack he simplified the problem with two syllables: sneakers. This was promptly followed by words of wisdom I shall impart on you now, the comfort of your feet should be your first priority when travelling as neglect will lead to a series of unfortunate events. Let’s just say it was sandals that saw me fall flat on my face at the Vatican in front of pilgrims, tourists, the love of my life at the point in time and probably the Pope himself. Sneakers are not just a fashion statement but a necessity and maybe in my case a more secure option.

Next let’s talk safety. A cross body handbag is always advisable. Not only does this free up your hands but a bag worn towards the front allows you to keep an eye on your valuables. In my experience it is generally more secure, regardless you should always remain situationally aware as straps can still be cut. In recent years what I have come to appreciate about this style is that it encourages me to only pack essential items for the day ahead therefore saving my shoulders from any subsequent discomfort.

My next suitcase essential is a black or navy blazer. Guaranteed to be paired with nearly everything you cannot go wrong with something classic and structured. Elevating any outfit it further has the ability to be transformed into day or night wear. Dark colours are more travel friendly and be sure to select a material that is crease resistant and breathes.

Lastly a striped tee shirt and shorts in a neutral palette are always an advisable addition. Both pieces can be reworked to form multiple styles and are equally elegant in their own right. When it comes to selecting tee shirts, form fitting is not the way to go when travelling as this will become increasingly uncomfortable when perusing the sights on warm days. A relaxed fit cut from a light fabric is always the best choice for your suitcase. Selecting the correct style of shorts is also important and you should always keep the culture and climate of the your destination in mind before making any purchase. In general, the best choices I have made have continually been constructed with a high waist, relaxed cut and falls to the mid thigh mark.

Shopping for your spring travel suitcase should not be a stressful experience. You’re planning a holiday, so relax. Keep it simple and remember you can always dress for comfort without sacrificing style.

Safe travels xo


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