Staying Stylish Abroad | Must Have Summer Hats

Staying stylish when travelling is no easy task, particularly when you are backpacking or limited to a specific baggage allowance. However, there are some wardrobe essentials that lend themselves to be utilised when globe trotting and number one is a quality summer hat. Given how dangerous prolonged exposure to the sun can cause combined with its ability to prematurely age our pretty selves before our time, I don’t leave my accommodation without decent protection atop my ginger head. When you’re out and about seeing the sights your days are bound to be long and predominantly spent outdoors, so here are my current favourites to stay stylish and sun smart. Be sure to gravitate towards lightweight material with a cream/white/tan finish as the colour choice will help maintain body temperature whilst also being the perfect match with any outfit on your journey.

Showpo | The Fireball Hat In Sand | AUD 39.95

showpo wide brimmed straw hat

Ace of Something | Trigg |AUD 49.95

Straw wide brimmed hat

Bondi Beach Bag Company | Raffia Braid With Bow | AUD 52.45

wide brimmed summer hat

Ace of Something | Hamilton | AUD 59.95

Straw wide brimmed hate

Ace of Something | Delano | AUD 69.95

white wide brimmed hat

66 The Label | Bobbi | AUD 130

Sensi Studio | Lady Ibiza tequila straw sunhat | AUD 274

wide brimmed hat net a porter

Wide Brim Panama Hat | AUD 425

Gucci | Alba embellished woven lamé boater | AUD 445

gucci boater hat

Eugenia Kim | Carmen feather trimmed woven paper hat| AUD 547

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