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Stepping Out In Sleepwear With Deiji Studios

If there is any item I have longed to become socially acceptable in terms of streetwear it is sleepwear

Please don’t judge me. It is not my fault that the garments designed for lounging around in and for visiting the land of nod are so darn comfortable. Besides I was never suggesting we walk around town in our trusty slippers and flannelette pyjamas, I was merely craving something a little more stylish… a little more versatile.

Enter Deiji Studios being the literal answer to my dreams.

Founded in 2016, Deiji has successfully blurred the lines between sleepwear and ready-to-wear and are doing so both stylishly and consciously. Slow and sustainable fashion is an intrinsic value to the Australian brand with every aspect of their business practices a reflection of this philosophy.

Their designs are approached with timelessness expressed not only in the cut and craftsmanship but also in their composition. With an ever growing list of natural fibres forming the basis of each collection, their ability to biodegrade at the end of their use brings timelessness to another level. With the production of synthetic garments requiring higher volumes of energy and thus more pollutants released as a bi product of this process, working with linen, silk and bamboo contributes to our environment’s timelessness.

In addition, when wearing a Deiji garment know that no harmful dyes were used nor will be released when you eventually wash and wear your lounge wear. Deiji further leads by example be ensuring nothing goes to waste with compostable packaging sourced from cornstarch forming their warehouse packaging and biodegradable satchels protecting their garments en route to their new owners.

What I love about Deiji Studios is that I can throw on one of their linen sets when going to the beach, or when quickly ducking up to the shops or my favourite pastime- incorporating their sleepwear into my day wear. Without a doubt I am always asked where I got my top and take great pleasure in seeing the reactions of people when I tell them I am dressed in my pyjamas. That’s the beauty of Deiji they have identified a gap in the market for stylish lounge/sleep wear and the need for versatility in our wardrobes. No one likes to be labelled or boxed in and maybe we can apply that same principle to our clothes.

Here’s to stepping out in my Deiji’s.