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Tackling The Problem Of Packaging

Since the rise of eCommerce our modified shopping habits has also given rise to another pollutant… packaging

From a business perspective, packaging is recognised as an integral part of the consumer experience, a way in which we recognise a brand and through this recognition a way to make a social statement. Yet for something that carries such weight it is disposed of quickly and often without thought. Reports indicate that on average Australians discard 1.9 million tonnes of packaging annually. Given its impact it is clear that a circular economy cannot exist within the fashion industry without rethinking our approach to packaging.

This responsibility falls equally to both the brands and the consumers whom they cater for. Brands are in a position to educate and lead by example and the consumer has the monetary power to support those whom operate sustainably. It is estimated that 100 marine animals perish each year as a result of plastic packing that enters waterways and it is imperative we make choice everyday to protect the vulnerable and sustain our way of life. Fortunately the steps we can incorporate into our daily lives as consumers is relatively easy with a little forward planning.

Buy in bulk and from one eCommerce platform at a time to minimise impact

When shopping in store, carry reusable bags

Support brands that utilise compostable and innovative packaging, source recycled materials and have a no plastic policy

Shop less and shop mindfully

Despite packaging being considered part of the consumer experience and thus an intrinsic marketing tool for brand identity, invest in brands that embrace using minimal packaging

Recycle and re-use

*Featured image courtesy of sustainable swimwear line Baiia*