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La Femme

What I Wore To AAFW | Volume 3

A few weeks prior to the commencement of AAFW, Australia sadly lost one of their pioneer designers, Carla Zampatti. A leader in her field who fiercely paved the way for Australian designers, Carla Zampatti’s untimely passing was a shock for many within the industry. Her self named brand was synonymous with classic contemporary structures, a …

La Femme

What I Wore To AAFW | Volume 2

As a child I refused to wear pants. If it wasn’t a dress or a skirt than no thank you and no way. Growing up in a family of four brothers perhaps my penchant for skirts and dresses was my way of demonstrating my identity as a little girl. Now as a woman, I am …

La Femme

What I Wore To AAFW | Volume 1

Australian label IXIAH will always have a special place in my heart for it marked my first show at Australian Fashion Week where little old Meg had no idea what the hell she was doing. Image courtesy of IXIAH I had no idea what to wear, where to go or what to do and as …

SIR THE LABEL | White Blouse & Black Wide Legged Pants | Seymour & Ford
La Femme

Getting Creative With The Corporate Look

Having worked in the corporate sector for a number of years, I think we can all agree that the daily uniform can get somewhat monotonous. Naturally, we have to acknowledge that there are some professions where a creative license is not granted but if you work in an industry that allows a little bit more …

SIR THE LABEL | 3X1 | White Linen Blouse & Jeans | Seymour & Ford
La Femme

Three Rules For Weekend Dressing

There is a universal magic we all know and anticipate on a weekly basis… waking up on a Saturday morning with endless possibilities before you. It is a time to relax, refresh and regroup after a demanding working week and your Saturday outfit should reflect this energy. In other words dress for comfort. The perfect …

TRENERY UNIQLO | Jean Skirt Black Shirt | Seymour & Ford
La Femme

The Wardrobe Staple With The Black Shirt

Embracing the minimalistic style movement has not happened overnight. The process has been long with many, many, oh so many bad fashion and financial choices along the way. Despite the long winding road there has been a glimmer of hope along the way. The black long sleeved buttoned shirt. Otherwise known as the beacon of …

TRENERY | Winter Knit In Navy | Seymour & Ford
La Femme

Perfecting Transeasonal Styling

As Autumn descends upon us my favourite time of year both in terms of season and style begins and as the days become increasingly cooler transeasonal dressing too begins. Achieved by way of layering and the blending of fabrics, transeasonal dressing is easy when you have invested in neutral knits which can be adapted to any outfit. …

TRENERY | Summer Shorts In Black | Seymour & Ford
La Femme

Summer Essentials

  Leonardo Da Vinci once stated that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication, a sentiment to keep in mind when making our wardrobe choices Simplicity is something I gravitate towards not only when it comes to design but it further extends to keeping my wardrobe as simplified as possible by only investing in a …