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The 5 Outwear Staples To Coat Yourself In

SARAH LLOYD | Duchess of Cambridge | Seymour & Ford

From jackets, coats to blazers it can easily be overwhelming deciding what outerwear is worth the investment and provide true value for money when it comes to cost per wear. The good news is that in spite of there being a myriad of options on the market in reality only 5 jacket/coat staples are needed to get you through the changing seasons within a year and the activities we partake in.

Denim Jacket

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The humble denim jacket can often be underappreciated when it is quite the hard working staple. Beautifully paired with a variety of items it has an innate ability to simplify ensembles in need of a less is more approach. To maximise its time as part of your capsule wardrobe keep it minimal in terms of design and as always opt for a classic or neutral colour palette. Be sure to look to vintage pieces or something more oversized if you have a love for layering and the unique

Leather (Or Faux Leather) Jacket

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An essential for any wardrobe, the leather jacket is the perfect accessory for day to night wear and an interchangeable suitcase essential. Known for their durability opt for something in black to guarantee more styling opportunities and ensure measures are taken to protect the leather. Give your leather jacket a longer life span by selecting a design that is designed with timelessness in mind and free of embellishments

Black Blazer

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One of the most important staples for both men and women, a well crafted blazer is worth the investment given its versatility and ability to take any outfit from office to bar. It is imperative that prior to any purchase you understand your body type and how this staple works to flatter your body by way of length, button detailing and overall fit. This is one item where tailoring should not be overlooked to achieve a polished look nor fabric composition to maximise breathability and durability

Winter Coat

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A quality winter coat that is both practical in terms of protecting you from dropping temperatures and stylish is a must regardless of where you live in the world. Though more of a winter staple due to its weighted fabrication and composition, pair with lighter materials to help make those transitions easier in autumn and spring. To ensure longevity invest in a winter coat crafted from natural fibres like wool, as this will not only require less maintenance in terms of laundry cycles but will work to repel moisture whilst staying resistant to wrinkles

Trench Coat

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You cannot go wrong with a classic trench coat but when it is forming part of a capsule wardrobe ensure that it is the antithesis of your winter coat in both colour and weight. Purchase a lightweight trench coat for those trans-seasonal moments throughout the year. Pay extra attention to the craftsmanship and overall construction to guarantee the garment sits elegantly when worn open or paired with a casual ensemble. You want to gravitate towards something neutral that can effortlessly be styled over work wear, draped over the shoulders for date night all whilst elevating any weekend ensemble