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The 6 Denim Staples We All Need

Who knew that the little girl who despised wearing jeans as a child would grow into an adult obsessed with them

And they say people don’t change pffft

However, this journey to deep denim affection has been plagued with some pretty questionable fashion choices along the way, but live and learn. As my appreciation for this consistent and dependable style staple grew over the years I have come to realise that we don’t need a myriad of denim variations in our closets. On the contrary, it is my belief just 6 styles will create an expansive wardrobe and a variety of outfits.

The Classic Denim Jacket

Not only a denim style staple but also forming one of the 5 outerwear garments every woman needs, a denim jacket is a must. Versatile, timeless and effortlessly chic this hard working number will carry you from one season to the next with a little layering or when used solely as a statement piece. Before purchasing or hunting for a vintage find consider if you will get more wear out of something fitted or loose in addition to what shade will work for you. In my experience, a classic light blue wash is always guaranteed to be in vogue. Given this is one item that you will wear all year round you don’t want to gravitate towards a hue too dark or overly light, rather something mid range that can team with all seasons.

Image courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar

The Denim Skirt

A denim skirt is a must for any wardrobe and can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion at hand. Though this skirt is a style staple, the length you gravitate towards is purely personal preference. A jean midi is guaranteed to be worn several ways and with the addition of tights and boots means this little denim number does not have to hibernate in winter. A denim skirt that sits just below the knee or something within the midi range will always be a timeless option.

TRENERY UNIQLO Jean Skirt Black Shirt Seymour & Ford

When selecting the skirt for you be sure to consider what wash will best compliment you body type and reflect if the details work for you. For example, a style cut from a lighter hue will naturally look more dense compared to something that is darker. Should your beautiful body type be that of an inverted triangle, this option will balance the dimensions of your body out. As for details like pockets this design element will naturally broaden the hips and draw the eye. Therefore, should you rock a pear shaped body type gravitate towards minimal or limited pocket detailing so as to keep the shoulder and hips balanced.

The Black Denim Pant 

Perfect for day or night, travel and even the office on casual Fridays, this is one wash that can work anywhere and everywhere. 

Before progressing to the next three styles, which we will refer to as the blue denim trio, though independently fabulous cannot be bought without considering its role in said trio. The following jeans are designed to exist as different cuts within your wardrobe to form different functions and for extra diversity should have varying washes.

TRENERY JBRAND | White Tee Shirt Black Jeans | Seymour & Ford

The Boyfriend Jean or Relaxed Fit

Existing as the lightest wash in your blue denim trio, a relaxed fit or boyfriend jean should first and foremost me comfortable. This is the pair that you will live in and therefore should have some give so you can easily perform your errands, snuggle on the couch and overall act as the perfection foundation piece for those low key days. A distressed finish is always fun but in addition to the lighter hue can result in a heavier look, so be sure to consider if this extra detailing is for you. Given the nature of a boyfriend or relaxed jean avoid large pockets, instead opt to keep everything refined and streamlined so as not to contribute to any look being too bottom heavy.

AMELIUS THE LABEL | The Boyfriend Jean | Seymour & Ford

The Straight Leg or Skinny Leg Fit

The ultimate go to when we want something a little on the sexy side, the figure hugging cuts of a straight or skinny leg jean is a way to show off our bodies and add height, particularly when on the shorter side. The number rule for maximising this cut is selecting a rise that compliments the length of your torso. For our long legged yet short torso women avoid anything high waisted as this will work to further shorten your torso.

Image courtesy of First Principles

On the contrary if your torso is long and you wish to add length to those legs, opt for a high waist to draw the eye. Whether an hourglass or pear shaped opt for a wash that is mid to dark blue to further create the illusion of length and pair with a lighter top to create balance. For women more of an inverted triangle, a denim wash in a light to mid range will draw attention to the lower half particularly when paired with a darker top.

The Wide Legged Jean or Flared Fit

Regardless of all the incredible shapes women come in, a flare or wide legged jean never fails to look superb and when it comes to this cut this should be the darkest hue in your trio. However, given our diverse body types how we make these cuts work for us rests with the styling details. For petite ladies, heels are a must so as not to be overwhelmed in either style. In addition, avoid anything overly chunky on top as this will work against the illusion of height you are creating.

Image courtesy of Who What Wear

Should you be blessed with an hourglass silhouette opt for something with a mid to high rise and a contoured waistband. This will sit at your narrowest point thereby accentuating those incredible curves, however, just remember to keep things fitted on top to maintain balance. For women more pear shaped, a flared fit will maximise your curves and streamline your overall look. However, for women who have broader shoulders in comparison to their hips a wide legged option will offset your dimensions. As an inverted triangle, pockets both back and front will further work to create balance by broadening the hips.

Happy shopping xox