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The 6 Shoes Every Capsule Wardrobe Needs

As a little girl I despised shoes so much that my mother was forced to tape them to my little feet. As I grew you would always find me in ballet slippers and to this day my penchant for footwear remains limited.

With that said I truly adore the myriad of designs on the market and constantly find myself lusting over pair upon pair… but I have never felt the need for an abundance of shoes. Perhaps this is where the seeds for my minimalism were sewn as I have always found myself questioning if the shoe I was about to invest in was versatile, multi purpose and worth my hard earned money. Alas, my decision making skills have not always been on point which has resulted in some pretty poor style choices.

Through these mistakes and often stringent approach to shopping I have determined that there are six shoes every woman needs in her wardrobe as a foundation before anything else. Given these styles are timeless they will make for a wise fashion investment and due to their popularity can always be found on the market to suit a myriad of price points.


This iconic style is forever associated with Audrey Hepburn who helped catapult the style into fashion history in the film Funny Girl. When investing in the building blocks of your wardrobe opt for something simple and black to ensure maximum pairing with your wardrobe items.


Investing in the perfect black sandal can be a difficult choice but if you’re looking for this shoe to stand the test of time, simplicity is key. Opt for clean lines and minimal design for the ultimate chic ensemble.


We pay hommage to the humble ankle boot quite often here at Seymour & Ford and all I can say is I give credit where credit is due. The black ankle boot is the perfect interchangeable staple that can be paired with items all year round. A heel will provide more versatility and ensure a timeless investment by selecting sleek and minimal design


Though limited to the warmer months a nude heeled sandal will continue to be the go to classic shoe of the season. Designed to elongate the leg opt for a sleek no fuss style for ultimate length. The neutral palette is perfect when pairing with any colour, a way in which to breakup all black ensembles and has the power to elevate any casual look.


The white sneaker began it’s momentous rise in the early seventies when Adidas and Nike launched their classic tennis shoe and with Gucci crafting their own luxurious take on the white sneaker in the eighties this style staple was solidified. Perfect for day wear, weekends, evenings and travel your feet will thank you for the comfort they provide.


Professionally bound or not, the classic black pump is a must. Its ability to be dressed up or down and go from day to night in addition to being the ultimate seductive wardrobe item makes this one powerful little shoe.