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The Cafe Chronicles | The Best Comfort Food In The World

As a part time blogger, full time flight attendant and constant expat the number one question I get asked is what my favourite city/country in the world is?

“Some place warm, a place where the beer flows like wine, where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. I’m talking about a little place called Aspen.”

I kid. Home (Sydney) is always number one on my list but the award for second position is forever changing. When you spend your life travelling on a weekly basis your favourite places and spaces are continually replaced with new favourite places, spaces and sometimes faces. Travel love is a fickle thing. Recent contenders have been Murren nestled away in the Swiss Alps, Sydney’s Watsons Bay, the Jewish Quarter in Paris and little Anglesey in Northern Wales.


However, after flying into Perth with Emirates earlier this month the artistic haven that is Grand Lane has now been awarded the silver medal. Congratulations Western Australia! Grand Lane is no Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal or Colosseum, I would go so far to say this dear little lane isn’t even grand but it has an unexpected magic about it and charisma is either something you have or you don’t. This magic is consequential of talented street artists like Chris Nixon, Tim Rollin, Bonsai and Two One who have turned a forgotten space into a living urban gallery.


Sentiments aside the two fundamental reasons why I adore Grand Lane is for the aforementioned street art that envelops the lane and because it is home to my favourite café in the world. Yes that is a big call to make, but I’m calling it: Toastface Grillah is the winner, my personal favourite and number one food recommendation for when you are next in town. The beauty of Toastface is in its simplicity as they specialise in coffee and a diets arch nemesis… grilled cheese sandwiches.


For me eating there was so nostalgic and calming despite it being my first time in Perth. As a little girl it was always a treat on a Saturday night to watch tv with my Mother in her room. Despite my age I knew those moments were precious and as I sit here as a woman in her thirties in Dubai I can still smell the talcum powder Mum wore every night as if she were right here next to me.


My Father would spend his nights in the study but guaranteed would always take a break from his work to treat my mother to a late night snack consisting of a homemade chocolate milkshake and cheese toastie. Little me thought this to be so romantic and to this day all I want is a man who will surprise me with a late night milkshake and cheese toastie.


There is something so very comforting about the humble cheese toastie and though Toastface Grillah have a range of cheeses and assortments to choose from their success lies in their ability to tap into your memory, the child within and the reminder that simplicity is sometimes better.


Happy Travels

*Disclaimer: My posts are my personal views. They do not represent the views of Emirates*

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