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The Dirty Business Of Washing Our Clothes

When I embarked on curating Seymour & Ford to match my own changing values surrounding conscious consumerism I have often felt disheartened learning all the ways the industry damages our home.

There are times when I reflect on the sheer scale of the problem that I just feel hopeless. Regardless I refuse to ever let this be the catalyst for helplessness because there is always something that can be done, new innovations coming to market and more brands embracing sustainable practices.

As my knowledge regarding the fashion industry expands I never thought I would see the day where I would discuss laundry detergent here on my blogpost. It may not be glamorous but given our laundry practices leave an impact on the environment we can’t talk about fashion and not include all aspects of brand and consumer behaviour.

When I recently learnt the extent to which washing our clothes contributes to pollution levels I was flawed at how something so innocent could be so incredibly harmful. From microplastics being released into waterways from synthetic fibres, to dyes containing toxic chemicals and the carbon dioxide emissions created from washing- how do we relearn a behaviour ingrained into our everyday lives?

But there is hope in the shape of Australian company Dirt Laundry Detergent who are determined to be tough on stains without impacting our world. With their eco friendly detergent they have brought a product to market free of synthesised ingredients and seek to reduce the impact of packaging through their use of aluminium and their zero waste refill return policy.

In addition, their commitment to the planet further extends to their cruelty free practices AND by donating 50% of their profits to The Ocean Cleanup. But should you need a few more ideas to reduce your own environmental impact when it comes to laundering be sure to:

Hang your clothes to dry

Wear items more than once where possible

Use less energy by investing in a front loader

Wash in cold water

That’s what I call cleaning with a conscience.

*All images utilised courtesy of @thedirtcompany*