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The Casual Everyday Pieces For Everyone

Though most of my time is spent deciding whether or not it is socially acceptable to head out in my fluffy socks and matching fluffy robe admittedly there is something therapeutic about dressing for the day ahead. I refer to it as putting on my armour, especially when having a bad day never underestimate the power of looking your best.

My life is usually spent running between my several jobs and college, as such, dressing for comfort is key as my days start at 5.30 am and typically end when the sun has well and truly set. I also gravitate towards layering so I can change my look on the go if need be. In order to get me through busy days I have formed a heavily codependent relationship with my capsule wardrobe.

From investing in a pair of good quality jeans, a black blazer and white tee there are many components to a successful capsule wardrobe all of which need to be versatile, timeless and follow a neutral colour palette. To help streamline your mornings when you need to assemble an outfit that is styled for comfort and those long days, there are a few additions every wardrobe should have on hand.

The Buttoned Shirt

Similar to the importance of investing in a good quality tee shirt, a buttoned shirt is an essential styling piece. Perfect for both the professional and casual wear realm they can be layered to create different outfits and worn a multitude of ways depending on your preferred aesthetic. A classic white buttoned shirt is the perfect place to start but should you be looking to expand, powder blue is a colour that compliments both cool and warm skin tones and is a great way to add a subtle pop of colour.

The Sneaker

As an ex athlete and dancer my life has been spent in sneakers and I can appreciate how people’s love affair with these items becomes a gateway to a wardrobe full of various styles. But over here we are minimalists and must resist the urge to buy all the sneakers. One classic white, grey or black pair is all you need to make a statement. Preferably I gravitate towards my trusty Adidas Stan Smith’s in white as they are built for comfort and I like the contrast a pale shade provides. Regardless of what neutral colour you gravitate towards ensure you always look presentable by keeping your sneakers clean and mark free.

The Jumper

A quality knitted jumper is a building block to any successful wardrobe yet for those low key days a simple jumper should always be on hand. You want to find something that can be dressed up, yet retains a no fuss aesthetic. In my experience an androgynous fit has a tendency to be more comfortable and is crafted to sit on the body in a relaxed manner. Layer over shirts and don’t be afraid to experiment with delicate jewellery and traditionally male watches to play on feminine and masculine energies

The Trench

If there is one item a capsule wardrobe is not complete without it is the iconic trench coat in a neutral colour. With their timeless design and classic appeal they instantly elevate any ensemble to sophisticated status. For ultimate longevity opt for something sleek and minimal that creates a clean and balanced silhouette.

The Skinny Black Pant

From skinny black jeans, to skinny black leather pants daily ensembles are easily formed with this solid foundation. With cuts and styles for every shape and every taste this is a staple that will never go out of fashion. Easily transformed to take you from day to night and effortlessly elevated with the addition of accessories, tops and jackets the black skinny pant is a must for any capsule wardrobe.

Lastly, given how busy life can be when it comes to my everyday makeup I like to keep things simple and minimal. My focus is on maintaining clear and healthy skin, natural yet defined brows and long lashes. To keep your lashes looking their best it is worth investing in serums to keep them full and bountiful. With so many on the market be sure to readVegalash Review to see if their product is right for you.