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The Jean Mini 3 Days 3 Ways Vol 1

MASSIMO DUTTI | Sleeveless Polo Knit In Black | Seymour & Ford

If there was one item I was forbidden to wear growing up, it was a mini skirt and truth be told I have only become comfortable in recent years wearing one as I have grown into myself.

Now as it stands I am obsessed and believe that no wardrobe is complete without the addition of both a black leather skirt and jean mini skirt. In retrospect, I do understand my parents decision because though it is a wardrobe staple for the modern woman it does have a time and place in a woman’s life.

When I think about my own trusty jean skirt which was brought for only $10 AUD at a vintage store my mind immediately conjures up two words : confidence and malleability. Wearing it makes me feel powerful and it can be adapted to suit any outfit, any season, any time of day. Most importantly the design gives us little ladies much needed height and accentuates the legs which is typically the best feature with most women in my opinion.

So get you pins out ladies and dare to bare.

Thus, in honour of this closet chameleon let’s style this skirt over the course of five days in five different ways.


Knit Massimo DuttiJean Skirt Vintage, Trench Coat Massimo DuttiBooties Billini via The Iconic,


Sarah Braden Photography