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The Low Down On Glasses

When it comes to investing in eye-wear, it is an accessory that is often overlooked.

However, for many glasses are more than just a fashion accessory but their basic function deems them an everyday staple. As we are all about staples here on this blog, when it comes to the humble spectacle, attention must be paid.

As a little girl obsessed with glasses, I used to sneakily seek out my mother’s pair in a childish effort to look more sophisticated and polished. A few years later my wish was granted when it was discovered I was short sighted and within moments I was pouring over every design within the shop to find a pair of glasses both flattering and elegant. 

Over the years, my eyesight has remained relatively stable as such I typically only invest in two new pairs every two years. After working as a flight attendant and relying on contacts for some time, let’s just say completing long haul flights at that altitude isn’t fun and games when contacts are involved. Consequently, since returning to life on the ground, elegant prescription glasses are my only go to. 

However, upon joining the glasses club I was surprised to have feelings surge that were unexpected and remained unchanged for quite some time. Truthfully, I always felt somewhat overwhelmed when it came to selecting the right pair. Given how often I would be seen in my glasses I wanted to look my best, as we all do. In addition, I often found myself disappointed when I envisioned a particular style only to realise my local optometrist didn’t stock anything remotely similar. Most importantly as a little girl who wore her mother’s glasses in an effort to be seen as sophisticated and polished, elegant prescription glasses has and always will remain important to me. Given this is something we wear everyday, choosing the right style and colour that is a reflection of our own aesthetic is undoubtedly worth the investment. 

To look your best and your most elegant in your prescription glasses here are a few guidelines to consider when investing in your frames

Consider Your Face Shape

The overall structure of the glasses you wear naturally work to compliment different face shapes. Select frames that compliment your angles, width and length of your face whilst considering what areas require balancing. Particularly when shopping online with brands like Optically you want to have an understanding of your face shape first. Fortunately they offer free returns but just in case here are some quick tips

Heart face shape – opt for a width across the forehead which can also be achieved with an accentuated brow line 

Round face shape – opt for roundness and avoid angles

Oval face shape – opt for width 

Triangle- opt for frames that exaggerate the narrowest part of your face

Square face shape- create length with narrow frames

Consider The Colour

As we all have warm, cool or neutral undertones this naturally affects what colours compliment us. Take this into consideration when selecting your frames. For example a light tortoise, gold, copper, off white and khaki will compliment those with more warmth in their skin whilst black, silver, dark tortoise and blue greys will suit those on the cooler side.

Consider Your Hairstyle

Particularly if you rock a fringe a bold frame might appear too heavy on the face. Instead, perhaps consider something more refined

Consider Your Lifestyle

Whether you identity as forgetful or organised, a backup pair of glasses are always an essential. Investing in two pairs is always beneficial from this perspective but furthermore two pairs of glasses can serve different functions in our busy lives

Consider Your Personal Style

Are you someone who likes to make a statement or do you prefer a more understated look? They say that eyes are windows to the soul and when perfectly framed your glasses should be a reflection of who you are.

As glasses can be a costly venture the above guide will help you make the right choice so as to ensure a return of investment. However, it is also worth considering that as they are a long term investment something timeless and elegant should be prioritised over more trend based eye wear. With this in mine, Optically is your one stop shop. With a variety of designs for both men and women, including sunglasses you are bound to find something that showcases your beauty and individuality. From Gucci, to Fendi, from Guess to Esprit there is a price point for every budget

Remember when it comes to selecting the frames that will frame your face a dedication to elegance and individuality will ensure your glasses are more than just a functional accessory rather a fashion accessory or perhaps even a statement on their own.