Having made the commitment many moons ago to reduce my wardrobe to a predominantly black and white aesthetic with a strong focus on minimalism a silent hunt has been ongoing in pursuit of the perfect, yet elusive winter dress.

For anyone that knows me personally, one character trait that often gets applied quite rightly is stubbornness and when it comes to ideas I get in my head particularly when it comes to clothes I rarely budge. With that said the pursuit of a winter dress has been made more difficult as there were specifications I had in mind from the get go: knitted, fitted and midi length as being only 5’3 it is important for me to try and elongate my frame. So though the hunt has been long it was completely self inflicted and now fortunately fulfilled… finally.

I recently uncovered Sydney based label, Friend of Audrey and given this a brand that pays homage to style icon Audrey Hepburn by producing designs founded in minimalism can I get a #matchmadeinheaven followed by an almighty #hallelujah. When I first laid eyes on their Midnight Open Back Knit Dress I knew this was the one as no box on my list was left unchecked. What I love about this particular design is that it can be reworked for either day or night wear with the simple change of accessories, shoes and outerwear. The open back detail gives is that extra something special on those date nights with your significant other. Given I wore this dress on my first date with the man who is fast becoming hubby material (shhhh our little secret) it is undoubtedly a winner and a statement when worn on its own.


Dress Friend of Audrey, Boots Billini, Jacket Cole Hahn, Earrings Jewellery Reliquia


Sarah Braden Photography