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The Wide Legged Pant

TRENERY | Wide Legged Pant In Navy | Seymour & Ford


If there is an era of fashion that I am currently drawn to it is the 1930’s particularly in relation to evening gowns and wide legged pants for women.

Both these designs highlighted the return of accentuating the waistline after the 1920’s more androgynous aesthetic and personally I feel we can look to the 1930’s as the foundation for the modern silhouette and how we currently express femininity through design.

With wide legged pants becoming the norm as a result of society moving towards a healthy and sporty lifestyle, women of the 1930’s embraced the look which further evoked masculine dressing as designers drew influence from traditional sailor and military uniforms. This embracing of a more traditionally masculine lifestyle coupled with a traditional masculine item of clothing for me heralded the beginnings of female liberation. Perhaps even more so than the raising of hemlines in the previous decade because women in pants allowed them to step outside the confinement of the house and participate in outdoor activities.

The wide legged pant is making a strong come back this summer as it is perfect for those warm days when constructed from cotton or linen. This is a silhouette that suits most women no matter your height but I would advise women like myself who are on the shorter side to keep anything paired on top fitted whilst taller women have slightly more leeway . Either way wide legged pants are designed to sit at the waistline as intended in the 1930’s to accentuate the figure so be sure to tuck any top in to properly highlight the length of the leg and to not break up the intended silhouette.

For maximum styling capacity select a wide legged pant in a neutral tone for the ultimate summer aesthetic or draw inspiration from the ladies of the 1930’s and opt for navy to pay homage to the original naval influence. What I adore about wide legged pants is their ability to be styled casually for the day with a shirt or dressed up for the night when worn with  heels, a silk or chiffon blouse and minimal jewellery. Look to Trenery for the addition of wide legged pants in your wardrobe and I assure you they will be the most comfortable thing you will own this summer.

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