La Femme

Thoughts From Quarantine

As I write this, the world is in lockdown. This is a daunting season filled with uncertainty and worry but if the human experience has taught us anything, it is that every season comes to pass.

Until that point I adapt to the new normal of today with gratitude in my heart for those on the frontline working tirelessly for mankind. I look towards the future with the hope of life returning to the normal we all know and love. This time quarantined has made me reflect on all the blessings I have, many of which I have sadly taken for granted. It has also made me reflect on what I want out of life.

I miss the little things. Hugging my nieces, hugging my parents, dinners with my family and pizza and cider dates with my best friend. I miss travelling. I love this world. I love its cultures, its history, its religions, its animals and when borders open and it is financially viable I cannot wait to explore our world once more. It is that hope that keeps me going. That dream of studying at Parsons in New York, working in the fashion capital that is Paris and continuing to use my platform to see this industry work ardently towards a sustainable future for the sake of my nieces.

What has unnerved me the most about this pandemic is the fragility of a stable society. If this virus has taught us anything, it is that we have to change our ways. Science will deliver us from this virus, but what will deliver us from the perils of what we’re doing to our home through endless consumption?

When it comes to why I write and create content I want women to be empowered and that comes from financial freedom and an unbreakable self esteem where they are not manipulated into buying the latest thing. As someone who has made so many fashion mistakes and in turn financial mistakes I am inspired to encourage women to embrace minimalism for the environment and for themselves. You do not need the latest fashion trend to feel good about yourself. Style is forever. Investing and embracing your own personal style is more valuable than any trend. 

I do not know what the future holds but as we navigate these uncertain times I have a renewed commitment to showcase Australian designers and small international designers. Though we might not be able to support our favourites as we are all struggling, when the time comes, let us remember to support the artists of the fashion industry whilst practicing conscious consumerism.

Stay safe everyone.