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Postcards from South America | Brazil

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When I look back at my experience flying professionally with Emirates I am instantly processing positive memory after positive memory.

That period of my life was by far one of my happiest and most fulfilling not only for the opportunity itself but for the relationships forged during that time that continue to this day despite us all having disbanded across the globe. When you move to Dubai, the small group of people you train with essentially become your family all of whom I love dearly. One particular fella sticks out – my best friend Sami. My sunshine. My mother used to say that angels walked amongst us disguised as living beings and when I look at Sam and his big beautiful heart I can’t help but think my mother was right.

I recently had the opportunity to venture to South America to Sam’s native Brazil and I fell in love with its vibrancy, incredible landscape and warm people. I have spent most of my life travelling, it is who I am through and through because the world in all its diversity and dynamism is a lesson unto itself. But few places move me to point where it becomes a moment in time of personal growth and transition. Brazil touched my soul, brought me back to life in many ways after almost a year of battling depression. Thank you Sami, Philippe, my adopted Brazilian family and all those I met along the way. Each and everyone of you embody what it means to be human and so much more. Love you all and I can’t wait to come back for your wedding boo. Ring a ding ding x