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When packing for the road it can be difficult to condense your favourite clothing items into one suitcase, particularly if you’re a “what if” packer. The key to an adaptable suitcase lies in selecting foundation pieces in neutral colours that can easily be mixed and matched to create an array of outfits to take you from day to night, port to port or site to site… and the first item you need to pack is a classic white tee.

This versatile little number might look simple, but appearances can be deceiving as the basic white tee can be styled in a number of ways no matter the season. Pair it with denim, leather, blazers to skirts or accessorize with scarves to hats, the options are truly endless so when travelling your outfits will never be labelled repetitive and your suitcase won’t weigh you down. For winter/autumn gallivants a fitted white tee is best to retain a look that is streamlined when layering but when the temperature begins to rise a relaxed fit is key to staying cool.

If backpacking steer clear of linen blends or items made from 100% cotton, even though they are beautiful to feel and wear the chances of wrinkles forming whilst in transit are increased with these fabrics.  For a more polished look opt for shirts blended with polyester or spandex when travelling as these materials increase durability, are easy to clean when on the road and most importantly do not crease.

A lover of basic items, I have sampled white tees ranging in price from low, medium to high end and can confidently affirm there is something on the market for every taste and budget. Having invested in more expensive pieces in the past with little satisfaction I prefer to gravitate towards a low/medium price point and over the years have thoroughly been impressed by UNIQLO’s durability and versatility when it comes to neckline design. More recently, upon discovering the brand COS (as seen in the images) I have fallen in love with their quality, clean lines and minimalist aesthetic.

Happy travels

Meg xo

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