La Femme

We Need To Talk About Anna

When I think about the wardrobe I have crafted over the years, there are certain pieces which are my “babies.” They have names and in keeping with bad parenting I play favourites with said babies.

Leading the pack is my beautiful Sienna. She is a thing of simplicity, clean lines and true elegance. She exists as both a signature piece and a staple, an accomplishment in its own right. The Sienna Jacket by the illustrious Anna Quan is the backbone to my wardrobe. With every outfit the jacket naturally elevates, in wearing her, I am reminded how happy I am to have invested in Sienna.

That’s the beauty of contemporary Australian designer Anna Quan, her pieces are exquisite in their own right yet will form the heart of your wardrobe. Having followed Anna Quan’s career from burgeoning design talent to a label that is quickly defining Australian fashion, it has been remarkable to see the brand grow from strength to strength. This is a designer that has remained both consistent in their brand identity and aesthetic, dedicated to their craftsmanship and thus has continued to epitomize subtle luxury and minimalism.

The beauty of the Anna Quan aesthetic is the slice of opportunity wrapped in each piece with a side of modern femininity. Her collections are remarkable on their own, but with Anna’s penchant for neutral tones and clean lines, the outfits you will create from one piece are endless.

Simply put, she reimagines staples for the imaginative woman.

*All imagery belongs to Anna Quan*