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We Need To Talk About Beaufille

Canada has been on my mind lately. Having lived in Montreal for some time I have been contemplating relocating back.

Perhaps that longing to head back to Quebec, Ontario or Vancouver has unconsciously lead me to fall in love with Canadian brand Beaufille. Founded by sisters Chloe and Paris Gordon their ethos encapsulates everything I want to be … effortlessly chic. Translating to “handsome girl” Beaufille is a marriage of masculine and feminine energy and is for women who appreciate the understated.

If there was anything that struck me during my time in Canada, it was thinking how unappreciated the fashion was and how untapped the market was on an international stage. Fast forward almost a decade later and it makes me so happy to see brands like Beaufille gaining global momentum and a cult following.

Recently, Beaufille debuted their Spring 2020 collection and that fashion crush developed a little bit more when I saw a focus on curating cult classics, experimenting with textures and creating depth with layers. From a slow fashion perspective I commend them for their decision to concentrate solely on Spring 2020 opting out of the pre-collection season.

I found this to be both brave and revolutionary. With fashion being an often saturated market it is in built into designers that following the traditional cycles is essential for profits and to remain relevant amidst the competition. This constant push for the next best thing, rather than appreciating a collection in the moment is a catalyst for consumer behaviour and our subsequent demand for more. For me this is how a brand practices slow fashion.

From a creative perspective this additional time allows a designer to fully immerse themselves into the process without unnecessary stress that can lead to creative blocks. This results in choices being made with thought, intention and overall serves to create a more cohesive collection. By pulling back on production and breaking away from traditional fashion cycles further serves to generate anticipation, curiosity and excitement around the brand. In a sense Beaufille understands the power of playing hard to get. With consumers so often overwhelmed with market choice, a brand which sets its own path allows all parties to breath resulting in a buyer who effortlessly gravitates towards a collection.

*Imagery courtesy of Sarah Blais for Beaufille. Sourced via Vogue online*