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Wedded Bliss | Finding The Perfect Ring

When it comes to wedding rings, initially men are left out of the equation given the focus is traditionally directed to the engagement ring

Unfortunately, men can easily be more overlooked in this department and why so? They are making an equal commitment and attention should be paid to how they chose to decorate their ring finger. Though marriage itself can be perceived as a contract just as much as a union for love, wedding rings have a more romantic history. Though the cut, details and even placement of a wedding band has evolved through the years, it is believed that it was the Romans who cemented its positioning on the left ring finger. Despite having now been disproved, it was understood at the time that a vein connected the left ring finger to the heart, commonly referred to as the Vena Amoris or the Vein of Love. Hence the reasoning behind its placement. 

It doesn’t get more romantic than that

Given the renowned expense of weddings in general, Temple & Grace is the place to shop for affordable men’s wedding rings. What makes them stand out is their ability to provide a wide range of bands that are equally traditional as they are modern. From elegant white gold, to traditional yellow gold, rose gold and platinum they have something for every style and aesthetic. Diverse options are clearly important to Temple & Grace as the wedding ring symbolises more than unity, its circular nature symbolises eternity.

Similar to all jewellery shopping experiences it is imperative to consider the following when shopping for your wedding ring:

First and foremost, lifestyle particularly occupation needs to be considered when purchasing a wedding band as you want something that will compliment said the wearer in this regard´╗┐.

Next, as seen with all jewellery purchases reflect on the wearer’s undertones as gold and silver works to compliment our own skins undertones. In general golden hues are best suited for men with warm undertones whilst silver and platinum counterparts are perfect for men more cool in nature. Fortunately, diversity is at the heart of Temple & Grace as a myriad of the weddings rings come in an assortment of precious metals.

Lastly, consider your personal style and the clothes you spend most time in as a wedding band should be reflective of the wearer. Given a wedding ring is designed to be worn daily it should capture your aesthetic

If you have found your forever person, be sure to find your forever ring by working with one of Australia’s most reputable jewellers. With their collections designed and created in house their craftsmanship will be a constant celebration of your love and your special day. The beauty of jewellery is the story they tell, Temple & Grace will help you write this chapter of your love and can curate a custom piece designed and handcrafted for you or help you find that special something now that you have that special someone.

*Featured image courtesy of Social & Personal Weddings*