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Weekend Dressing With The Skinny Black Jean

TRENERY JBRAND | White Tee Shirt Black Jeans | Seymour & Ford

When it comes to my personal style icons particularly for weekend dressing, Audrey Hepburn sits at the top of my list

One particular image that always comes to mind was a black and white photograph of Audrey dressed in black cigarette pants and a plain black polo. Never before had I appreciated true simplicity and as a result I have spent many years emulating this particular look.

In retrospect, I never seem to get the pants quite right. In trying to mimic my idol and forgetting my own body shape I have always wound up looking top heavy. Audrey Hepburn was known for her petite waif like frame but the similarities end with our heights. Here in lies today’s lesson: style inspiration does not equate to style imitation.

Being more on the curvy side and quite short waisted I do not have a friend in cigarette style 3/4 pants. They are simply not flattering on me. But hope is not lost for ladies with similar issues wanting to recreate Audrey’s look. Keep the length cropped in honour of Audrey but opt for a design with an ever so slight flare in honour of your own body shape as seen with J Brand’s Selena Mid Rise Crop Boot. With a slight deviation from the classic cigarette pant a top heavy body is balanced through the addition of a slight flare.

In keeping with Audrey’s ode to minimalism and at times androgynous look, pair with a plain white tee and black flats for the ultimate casual chic outfit. Lastly, when it comes to accessories you don’t want to overpower the look with the addition of a heavy bag. Drawing inspiration from Audrey’s petite frame opt for something small and seamless so as to not overpower the outfit and to keep the overall look demure and minimal.

Take inspiration from your style icons but always be inspired by your body first.


Jeans J Brand via The Undone, Top Trenery, Shoes Spurr via The Iconic, Handbag Oroton 


Sarah Braden Photography