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FRIEND OF AUDREY | Maxi Skirt In Cream | Seymour & Ford

Spring has sprung, and with summer in the air one thing was certain: it was time to cleanse my wardrobe of the old and compose a wish list of the new.

Now making it to this list is an exclusive affair, the item in question has to surpass that of an immediate want but rather fulfil a need in my wardrobe. Like any VIP club, space is limited. Currently ripped jeans has taken top priority on my list but my penchant for cheese pizza is making the thought of jeans shopping somewhat daunting. So we’re just quietly moving along to item number two – the need for skirts particularly because skirts are less inclined to judge you for your poor life choices… and because they are almost non existent in my wardrobe.

 Lately, I have been set on finding a contemporary piece that would serve me for long days spent at the races whilst carrying me into the twilight hours of scented summer evenings. As always a neutral palette was a must but I further sought something that was both feminine with how it clung to one’s form yet embraced femininity through a flared design. To make the search even more restricted I wanted a thicker fabric to provide structure. Step in Australian label Friend of Audrey which given my current preoccupation has been aplty named in my head “Friend of Meaghan” simply due to the fact that every design is on point, classic and beautifully crafted. Admittedly the friendship is a little one side being I reap all the benefits.

Their Remember Me Skirt fit the brief and though it needs slight hemming to fit my 5’3 frame, it was truly love at first sight. With its design it dances and moves yet amidst moments of stillness the structure forms an elegant silhouette. I can confidently say this is one piece that will not date. You see when investing in Friend of Audrey I have come to learn the friendship is for life.


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Sarah Braden Photography