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What To Wear When Working From Home

As we navigate these unprecedented times, working from home is the new normal for many and work clothes are a thing of the past.

Come on now, let’s be real here how many people are spending their days not only confined to their homes as legally mandated but confined to the comfort of their trackies and pyjamas?

Hopefully, not just me on the pyjama front

To say I have let myself go is a bit of an understatement. Now with salons, gyms and beauticians closed I negate full responsibility but it has gotten to an unacceptable point. I am doing my best to say positive and productive in these challenging times and staying mentally healthy is part of the challenge. For me that starts with looking after myself and dressing the part even when the comfort of the trusted trackies beckon.

When working from home you do not have to relinquish comfort rather find items in your wardrobe that bridge the gap between style and comfort. You cannot go wrong with an oversized white shirt which never ceases to look professional and polished. Be sure to pay attention to your fabric compositions and invest in cotton blends which will contribute to your comfort levels thanks to its innate softness, breathability and ability to stretch. Lastly when it comes to your pants, a high waistband and a composition designed to stretch and move with your body is your best option. 

Staying mentally healthy is critical and though our lives are somewhat abnormal right now, adhering to your normal schedule and normal dress code with each passing day will help keep your spirits high.



Hanna Witthoeft

Shirt Sarah Lloyd Australia Pants Dion Lee, Bags Michael Kors & Oroton (White), Shoes The Iconic Sunglasses RayBans