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What We Can Learn From Marle

When it comes to slow and sustainable fashion, it is a winding path filled with many diverse courses of action but all of which lead to the same destination, a healthy planet.

As a consumer it can be overwhelming to know where to start given the extent of the problem the fashion industry faces. With that said, it must be substantially more overwhelming for designers to combat how they will reduce their environmental impact.

Image courtesy of @_marle

Where does one even begin?

That I can not answer but what I do know is that the slow and sustainable practices employed by brands must be multi faceted. This is best exemplified by premium womenswear brand, Marle whose dedication to reducing their environmental impact is exhibited in several of their business decisions.

Firstly their use of natural fibres and fabrics ensures that conscious curation of their collection literally starts from the ground up. By utilising materials like hemp and linen they ensure their garments will biodegrade compared to items cut from their synthetic counterparts. Marle’s essentials can be deemed low impact as the energy and resources that go into their production are reduced as a result of their natural foundation. In addition, the release of toxic chemicals into the environment is further lessened.

Image courtesy of @_marle

Marle’s commitment to creating interchangeable quality staples further contributes to a brand that is collectively low impact. By adhering to a neutral palette greatly reduces toxic chemical runoff caused by dyes and their classic silhouettes, makes a Marle piece a timeless investment.

Founded by Juliet Souter, compostable packaging is further incorporated into their sustainable plan and is something all brands should employ. Since the birth of the eCommerce climate, the fashion industry’s contribution to waste substantially increased as a result of packaging. According to Vogue Business, in 2016 it was estimated that each person within the European Union disposed of 170kg of packaging, most being sourced from plastic.

Image courtesy of @_marle

Marle’s use of sustainable packaging demonstrates a deep understanding of the issues facing the fashion industry and our planet. More importantly it showcases their genuine spirit as their commitment to change is not simply words or small actions to appease the consumer. Instead their dedication to producing low impact essentials is the very core of Marle.

*Images utilised including featured image courtesy of @_marle*