What’s In My Carry-On

With most of my flights throughout my life being long haul I am (or have grown to be) one of those rare creatures that truly enjoys flying. Yes, it has its downfalls… jetlag need I say more, however, overall in some strange way I find the whole process quite relaxing. As I have garnered more miles throughout the years my aim with each flight is to make the experience increasingly comfortable and to walk off each flight feeling as revitalized and fresh faced as humanely possible.

When it comes to my cabin gear I always have two pieces, my handbag containing my travel documentation in addition to my everyday items and a larger carry on for necessities. My choice of luggage is typically determined by journey type and airline of choice. For example if I am travelling via a low cost airline or for a flight time under 8 hours I gravitate towards carrying a large tote as this fits easier into overhead compartments particularly when there is usually not a lot of space to work with. For longer flights I prefer luggage on wheels which by design is more organised therefore, I am able to easily grab what I need without disturbing other passengers. The four rules I adhere to when packing are as follows:

1. Pack essential items that you cannot afford getting lost, broken or stolen e.g. camera equipment, phone
2. Pack basic necessities that you will need if your luggage is delayed e.g. electrical items and clean underwear
3. Pack items to maintain a simplified beauty regime to always look presentable
4. If I cannot lift the packed luggage piece above my head then it’s time to cull the items inside

No matter my choice of carry on my flying routine is improved by having all items compartmentalised further into separate bags according to functionality. By following this format, even when packing, I avoid becoming overwhelmed whilst being able to tick everything off my packing list more efficiently.

When I arrive at the airport I always believe in looking presentable because you never know what factors can assist with an upgrade or who you might meet on your journey (hey a girl can dream her prince will come). I always arrive at the airport wearing minimal makeup which I remove once the seatbelt sign has been switched off and cleanse my skin accordingly. Prior to landing I follow my typical ‘morning’ routine and re-apply my make-up very lightly. I gravitate towards using neutral shades but being so fair always apply a rose or daring red lipstick just to give my face a little warmth. After flying 24 hours I need all the help I can get. In regards to coverage my foundation application changes according to my time of landing. If my arrival is scheduled for night I mix my La Roche Posay foundation with my Rationale eye cream in order to brighten my under eye area and reserve full coverage for day arrivals. To save space use a foundation that is enriched with a strong SPF factor.

makeup for plane travel

1. Eye lash curler to open tired eyes
2. Blush brush
3. Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics (perfect palette for neutral tones)
4. MAC eye brush
5. Revlon All In One Mascara
6. MAC lipstick
7. Clinique brow pencil
8. Urban Decay Naked Flushed contouring and blush set


plane travel electrical kit

1. Camera battery charger
2. European adaptor
3. USB stick containing copies of passport, visa, hotel and travel details
4. British adaptor
5. Australian adaptor
6. Electrical cables and earphones

I strive to wear something smart casual both to and from the airport, particularly as some lounges might require dress codes. Once the plane has reached altitude that is when I change into something more comfortable for the remainder of the journey. Typically just as we reach the final hour of flying that is when I change back into my smart casual attire, wash my face, re-do my hair and makeup etc.

clothes plane travel

1. Thongs (flip flops). As our feet swell during flights keep a pair of hassle free slip on shoes under the seat in front of you
2. Woolen socks. Try and invest in a quality pair of socks as cotton tends to be too thin
3. Loungewear pants and top (nothing too tight)
4. An extra small bag to hold change of underwear x2 and bra (if I am wearing a cream bra I always pack a black or vice versa)
5. Cashmere scarf, because even with a blanket I am always freezing
6. A large laundry bag in which to keep all clothes not being worn

*Not shown: plastic bag to carry shoes and a smaller plastic to carry dirty clothes

Hygienic Items and Liquids
Due to functionality I keep these items all in the same bag and prior to arriving at the airport have already sort by liquid items into a clear plastic bag for security purposes.

Plane travel items

1. Aspect facial cleanser (I place a small amount in a clear plastic container and the rest travels with my main luggage)
2. Lucas Papaw Ointment for lips
3. Dove roll on deodorant
4. Neutrogena cleansing wipes for face, body and hands
5. Rationale eye cream
6. Colgate toothpaste
7. Reach toothbrush
8. Avene skin recovery face cream- I use Rationale products 90% of the time but if I have had a skin peel or am flying long haul this product is the most hydrating
9. Neutrogena Norwegian hand cream (this is a highly concentrated cream and the only one I would ever recommend
10. La Roche Possay 50+ foundation
11. Mouthwash
12. Wash cloth (I retain the plastic casing to keep for re-use)

First Aid

first aid kit plane travel

1. Tissues
2. Eye drops
3. Headache tablets
4. Medication (this should always be accompanied with a letter from your doctor)


travel essentials

1. Ipad
2. Passport
3. Tiffany’s passport casing
3. Pen
4. Mobile

*Not shown: water purchased after clearing security and other basic handbag items eg. Wallet and glasses

Now that you’ve had a look inside my bag I hope this insight helps you decide what you need to consider taking with you on your long haul flights so sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Happy travels

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