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When Working With Stripes

SPORTSCRAFT | Stripe Shirt & Boyfriend Jeans | Seymour & Ford

When it comes to a neutral style philosophy at first it can appear somewhat daunting to reduce your wardrobe to a specific colour palette.

When I am feeling in need of a boost the best way I have found is to embrace patterns. From polka dots, to check, to stripes and everything else in between your look will instantly be diversified. Speaking of stripes they can instantly muster up hesitation as through the years they have gotten a reputation that they are difficult to work with. Now like anything in life where something or someone is preceded by a reputation caution should be taken and a chance given. Quite frankly I have come to the conclusion that stripes themselves are not the problem, rather the fabric they are blended with and the width of the pattern itself. Stripes can suit any frame depending you shop for your body type.

 Being only 5’3 I know that I have to adhere to a fine stripe constructed from an equally fine material . With so many fashion faux pas behind me I understand first hand that an overly bold stripe and dense fabric will swamp my figure entirely. If you were blessed with height you literally have more room to play with as far as the pattern and fabric is concerned.

Next when it comes to colour choice I like my stripes how I like my smurfs… blue. Generally opting for something in navy, other hues on the spectrum are welcome to apply. Lastly, when delving into the realm of stripes but want to maintain a minimal approach to style here are four rules to take into consideration:

If wearing a striped shirt team with a block colour on the bottom in a neutral to allow the pattern to make a statement without being overpowered

Pair with a muted nude heel if possible

Keep accessories minimal

Don’t be afraid to clash stripes with a distressed denim to juxtapose order and chaos


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