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Why Every Woman Needs A Collared White Shirt

There are few items of clothing that can be perceived as more than just your average garment. Staples. They can be found in all wardrobes and similarly don’t discriminate regarding their ability to flatter any size and shape.

The collared white shirt is a member of this exclusive club. Known for its versatility and quiet charm, I question who doesn’t feel empowered in this classic number. With its ability to compliment any frame and power to be paired with anything, this is one item worth the investment and one where as a consumer quality needs to be considered.

To embrace this everlasting effortless style be sure to appreciate the material of the shirt. As this is a staple you will turn to on a daily basis you want the fabric composition to be comfortable, able to withstand an extended wash cycle all whilst retaining its shape. For example, the Camilla shirt by Sarah Lloyd is crafted from 100% Italian cotton renowned for its utmost quality and luxurious feel. Wearing it not only feels me with confidence as a woman but also as a consumer knowing I have made a wise financial decision. When you invest in craftsmanship you secure maximum wearability.

That’s the thing with staple items, they are the hardest working contributors to our closets and deserve to be purchased with intention and treated with a little tlc. To further guarantee your return of investment gravitate towards collared shirts that are sleek, minimal and cleanly cut. By paring things back you increase the many options a collared white shirt generates… so get styling.


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