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Why Every Woman Needs A Power Suit

SARAH LLOYD | Duchess of Cambridge | Seymour & Ford

A couple of months ago I had the privilege of meeting the very talented Australian designer Sarah Lloyd where it became immediately clear that Sarah’s approach to design was to inspire beauty and confidence. As a fashion blogger I am fortunate to to meet an array of different designers all of whom are inspiring in their own right but very few lead with a true understanding of what women really need in their wardrobes Sarah’s point of difference from an industry perspective is her clear brand identity and dedication to crafting interchangeable staples that are an investment for life.

SARAH LLOYD | Duchess of Cambridge | Seymour & Ford

When it comes to minimalism it is imperative to make style investments that will stand the test of time in terms of quality, function, colour and fabrication. Furthermore if there is one piece of advice I have learnt from Sarah it’s to wear clothes that you love and that make you feel beautiful. The moment I slipped into Sarah’s Duchess of Cambridge blazer and matching Flinders Lane Flared pants, those feelings arose almost instantly. Surprisingly, another feeling developed that was new, unexpected and somewhat overwhelming.


SARAH LLOYD | Duchess of Cambridge | Seymour & Ford

It’s a feeling that clothes have not generated in me before and I fully comprehend why the term power suit was coined in the 1980’s… coz damn I’m about ready to conquer the world right now in this set. I have always appreciated clothes for how they can make you feel, sometimes it is our armour to face the day ahead and other times it is an expression. With that said, every woman needs to invest in a quality power suit that makes them stand tall and strong.

What I adore about Sarah’s pieces is the pure craftsmanship and attention to detail forged from years spent dedicated to perfecting her skills in the fashion industry. The flared pants give little Meg much needed length and the jacket slims the waist to create a balanced silhouette. Both are built to breathe, can be styled separately or worn as a statement together for either night or day.

ARAH LLOYD | Duchess of Cambridge | Seymour & Ford

In closing, I feel privileged to be living in the modern world where I have the ability to wear a power suit without scandal, judgement or social exclusion as seen in previous decades. I am thankful to the suffragettes who pushed boundaries with their suits, to Coco Chanel who was inspired by their plight and to Yves Saint Laurent who in 1966 created a feminine tuxedo for women that mimicked those worn by men.

A suit is not only a symbol of power and identity … it is freedom


Shoes The Iconic, Blazer Duchess of Cambridge by Sarah Lloyd, Pants
Flinders Lane Flare by Sarah Lloyd , Earrings Vintage


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SARAH LLOYD | Duchess of Cambridge | Seymour & Ford