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My decision to move to Ireland has been six years in the making. My attraction to the Emerald Isle has long been present, fueled by my lineage and years spent pursuing Irish dancing in Sydney. I first expressed interest in moving to Dublin in 2009. However, the impact of the GFC quickly made me recognize that the timing wasn’t right. I am typically a very spontaneous person, if I want to do something than I throw myself fully into that decision with little regard for the consequences. For once in my life I am happy I fought spontaneity, made an educated decision and truly considered what I wanted to achieve long term by relocating abroad. Travel for me has taken a new meaning now that I am approaching the big 3-0. I will always have the passion but I need to be smart about the steps I am taking to pursue this passion.


It has long been my long goal to settle in Europe for professional and travel purposes. Being based full time in Europe not only provides you with endless travel opportunities but for those who understand the cost of traveling to and from Australia year in and year out… well it’s just not economical or financially wise for a budding property owner in their late twenties. In addition, I have always craved an international career, perhaps it’s that gypsy spirit at play again or perhaps I knew that earning euro or pound would one day convert into the Australian dollar quite handsomely, leaving me with a hefty deposit for an apartment back in my hometown. Buying property in Sydney is near impossible, with the most simple of properties setting you back more than half a million dollars, not including the evil that is stamp duty.

With all this in mind, five years ago I put my indefinite move to Europe on hold opted to go to university, obtain qualifications and professional experience so that I could make the move armed and ready in years to come. Now that I am older and wiser I am incredibly thankful to my 24 year old self that I took the extended path. In early 2014 I selected Ireland as my base for the following year. I could speak the language, the culture was similar to what I knew and several European companies use Dublin as a base due to reduced taxation. As such, I was confident I could find a career in my area of interest and travel cheaply with Ryanair on weekends here and there.


This path is not for everyone and ultimately you are subject to your own life schedule, if anything given that most working holiday visas are only available up until the age of 30, I implore would be nomads to make the most of their twenties and seek out these experiences. However, I do advise that you carefully reflect upon what it is you want to achieve throughout the course of your time abroad, consider your options and align your goals to the country that will be most beneficial for you personally. Moving overseas is a huge decision, even more so if you are doing it independently. It’s not easy but entirely possible and the rewards fruitful if you push through the challenges.

For those wishing to make the move to Eire, please click on the links below for guidance in overcoming the sticky red tape.

*Applying for an Irish Working Holiday Authorisation
*Obtaining a PPS number
*Applying for Garda National Immigration card
*Opening an Irish bank account
*How to find work in Dublin

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