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La Femme

Creatures Of Conscience With Angela Roi

“Try and leave this world a little better than you found it” It was Lord Robert Baden- Powell who engineered these instructions on how to live a life with meaning and was a quote by Father passed down to me as child. Through the years, from childhood to adulthood, the manner in which I interpreted …

La Femme

What I Wore To AAFW | Volume 4

In prepping my final look for AAFW, I wanted to strip things back to basics and dress myself head to toe in some of my wardrobe favs. Let’s talk the little black dress. I found this out one day when I was sourcing for The UnCommons. Usually when I am buying for the store I …

La Femme

What I Wore To AAFW | Volume 3

A few weeks prior to the commencement of AAFW, Australia sadly lost one of their pioneer designers, Carla Zampatti. A leader in her field who fiercely paved the way for Australian designers, Carla Zampatti’s untimely passing was a shock for many within the industry. Her self named brand was synonymous with classic contemporary structures, a …

La Femme

What I Wore To AAFW | Volume 2

As a child I refused to wear pants. If it wasn’t a dress or a skirt than no thank you and no way. Growing up in a family of four brothers perhaps my penchant for skirts and dresses was my way of demonstrating my identity as a little girl. Now as a woman, I am …

La Femme

What I Wore To AAFW | Volume 1

Australian label IXIAH will always have a special place in my heart for it marked my first show at Australian Fashion Week where little old Meg had no idea what the hell she was doing. Image courtesy of IXIAH I had no idea what to wear, where to go or what to do and as …

La Femme

Top Tips For Vintage Shopping

When it comes to fashion and style there are many lessons for which I am grateful to have learnt through the years.  Fashion trends come and go. Style is forever. Invest in a capsule wardrobe and build from there. The path to personal style is through experimentation. If there is a lesson, I am most …

La Femme

Sans Beast Sans Limits

Ignorance is bliss. Until very recently I never appreciated the sentiment behind these three little words. Instead, I have long believed that ignorance is the enemy. I recently came across a statistic so upsetting that I wish I could remain blissfully ignorant to. That is that 70 billion animals are slaughtered every year for food …

La Femme

Buy Your Own Damn Bling

Elizabeth Taylor famously divulged that “jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.” When it comes to all things bling, I can’t think of a more honest sentiment. After all, this is an everlasting market that is destined to have something for anyone and everyone. Equally so when …