La Femme

Buy Your Own Damn Bling

Elizabeth Taylor famously divulged that “jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.”

When it comes to all things bling, I can’t think of a more honest sentiment. After all, this is an everlasting market that is destined to have something for anyone and everyone. Equally so when it comes to finding that truly unique special something, the UberKate design aesthetic is truly distinctive. With her flare for using a wide rang of gems, the structure of her handcrafted pieces fuse architecture, challenge traditional lines and embrace movement. They are truly a statement for men and women alike looking to adorn themselves in something different.

I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with the UberKate brand. It was an honour to support an Australian jewellery business where artistry is clearly treasured. I immediately was drawn to the Gempower Stacker Ring in white sapphire, a piece that juxtaposes minimalism through its neutral colour yet is equally daring through its cut. In wearing this piece, its multidimensional nature serves to remind me not to view myself or others dichotomously.

Rather to view the world around me as equally multi-faceted.

That’s the beauty of jewellery. Whether new or preloved they are infused with a narrative and in return we become the custodians, albeit temporarily, of their charm.


*Images captured by Sarah Braden Photography*