La Femme

How Corozo Is Pushing All The Right Buttons

Recently I have found myself acutely aware of how much plastic I consume in my daily life.

From the hair products I burn through, the bags that encase my fresh dry cleaning and to the cheese sticks that lie temptingly in the fridge. Let’s just say I wish my shame was limited to my penchant for the indulgence of said cheese.   To put it simply, I use far too much plastic and have decided 2021 is the year in which I am implementing changes in my everyday life to make the necessary reductions. From making my own muesli bars in an effort to reduce single use plastic, to supporting beauty companies that reuse their packaging and even saying goodbye to said cheese sticks, change is in the air.

As these plastic free ambitions dawned upon me, I found myself contemplating the fashion industry’s approach to sustainability. It is easy to pinpoint where changes need to be made: 

Less production equates to less waste

Less synthetic materials equates to the use of biodegradable materials

Less secrecy equates to workers and animals no longer being exploited

Undoubtedly, these are all aspects of the industry that need urgent attention. However, a simple change in perspective has taught me that even the smallest of changes can have the most significant impact. For designers and brands looking to embrace more sustainable business practices, a simple way this can be achieved is through the pushing of buttons in all the right places. The right place in this case being to the side.

Buttons, so easily disregarded and deemed inconsequential, can leave quite the fashion footprint as they are commonly produced from plastic. Not only are we constantly losing the little critters but they can be found on nearly every garment. Naturally that inconsequential piece of plastic quickly becomes a big problem. Environmentally friendly solutions are available to designers and brands alike through the development of the corozo button. With a consistency similar to that of hard resin this product is one hundred percent natural, durable and scratch resistant.

Originating from South America, the corozo nut can be found upon a variety of palm trees. In electing to use corozo you’re not only benefiting the environment but its unique natural grain will bring individuality to any outfit the button adorns. Furthermore, this renewable resource can only be produced from the seeds that fall naturally from their tree as this signifies they are ripe. All these aspects ensure natural harvesting takes place.

So whether you’re bidding adieu to single use plastic in your own life or a designer looking to make a difference, remember that little steps can make the loudest noise.