La Femme

What I Wore To AAFW | Volume 4

In prepping my final look for AAFW, I wanted to strip things back to basics and dress myself head to toe in some of my wardrobe favs.

Let’s talk the little black dress. I found this out one day when I was sourcing for The UnCommons. Usually when I am buying for the store I am relatively disciplined. However, there are times when something catches my eye and the next thing I know it’s love at first sight. The cut and texture of this mini dress is reminiscent of the late nineties and all the things I wanted to wear as a 13 year old with braces. Most importantly, this dress makes me feel beautiful and if there is any advice I can offer my readers it is to gravitate towards clothes that put a little strut into your step.

Secondly, the Sienna jacket by a designer whom I cherish, Anna Quan was one my best buys in recent years. Initially, given the long silhouette I was concerned with how I could style the jacket over my short frame. After some experimenting and some fashion fails I realised the secret lies in showing a little leg. As such this jacket is my go to when I need something to throw over a mini dress or shorts and has quickly become a year round style staple.

Next what can I say except these Doc Marten boots were made for walking and at this point in my AAFW journey I wanted to be comfortable. Once again I found these when out sourcing for The UnCommons and once again my lack of control reared it’s head. Last but not least let’s talk about the accessories at play here. I cannot express my gratitude to Rntr enough as their AC Official handbag got me through every ensemble this season. I gravitated towards the white Peta Pouch due to its neutral colour palette and its ability to be worn as a cross body bag or clutch. That versatility made for an effective and stress fee event as an attendee. The fact that it was crafted from cactus leather and rented was equally important not only because it was in alignment with my values pertaining to sustainability but was further synonymous with the sustainable values of AAFW. The rental system with Rntr was efficient and easy to navigate and I was impressed at both the diverse rental time on offer and the pre-paid reusable packaging that is available to customers.

Finally, we need to talk about the earrings I elected to pair with this outfit crafted from Kristy Dickinson of the Haus of Dizzy. One of the shows I was honoured to be invited to was the Indigenous Projects which, for the first time in the history of Australian Fashion Week, first nations designers were being showcased. Kristy is a proud of Wiradjuri  woman so as a proud consumer of the Haus of Dizzy I wanted to show my support to an Indigenous designer and the Indigenous community.

Outfits Details

Dress | The UnCommons Vintage

Blazer | Anna Quan

Bag | AC Official via Rntr

Earrings | Haus of Dizzy

Boots | Doc Martens via The UnCommons Vintage